‪Liberty 2-3 Allies – Henrik Lehm’s reaction – Quality of play was high:‬

‪Coach Henrik Lehm Peters has praised the quality of play exhibited by both Liberty Professionals and Inter Allies in their Match Day 14 fixture at the Carl Reindorf Park in Dansoman.‬

‪Inter Allies took a two goals lead but were pegged back by the scientific soccer lads before Allies got the match winner in the dying minutes of the game.‬

‪Henrik Lehm pointed out his charges might have relaxed after scoring two goals in the first half hour of the game.‬

‪“Personally I think the first half hour we played today was the best we played since I arrived. We played good football, won the dwells and made two beautiful goals but I don’t know why, last time I was in front by two goals, the players relaxed and were not winning dwells.”‬

‪“Of course I was very disappointed they game back and it was 2-2 and in that period we came back to being the best team and we had a penalty, when we missed that, I said to myself it was one of those days.”‬

‪“For me it was a very good football game with five beautiful goals, also their goals were very beautiful.”‬

‪The Danish trainer believed some of the players had the game against Kotoko on Monday on their minds and relaxed after the first two goals.‬

‪“I think some of the players were very satisfied we were in front 2-0 and we are playing again on Monday, Kotoko is a very big game but this just shows others have very good football players and you relax and you’re not 100% then you lose.”‬

‪Inter Allies will next play at home against Kumasi Asante Kotoko on Monday at the Accra Sports Stadium at 3:00pm.‬

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