Adebayor appreciative of efforts from teammates:

Victorien Adebayor has stated that his teammates efforts and contributions has helped him in delivering top notch performances in the Ghana Premier League.

The Nigerien International who was reacting to his Nasco GPL player of the month award explained that the bonding in the team allows that he is able to enjoy is game and score goals in the league.

“I want to thank my teammates who help me a lot. They supply me with the balls and that allow me play my game and score goals. We work as a team and I am very happy about that.”

The player also pointed out his sole focus in Ghana is on his football as he intends to make good use of the opportunity to play here to further his hope of playing abroad.

“Since the league started, I told myself I am not in Ghana for the fun. My work here is to play football to the best of my abilities and hopefully secure a move abroad to further my career and that’s why I put in the efforts.”

Adebayor won the award for the best player in the league for the month of February after he recorded 7 goals, 5 assists and three MVPs within the period.

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