Head Coach Danijel Mujkanovic faced the media after losing narrowly to Legon Cities on Sunday.

QUESTION – Your impression?

DANI – Oh, yeah. I feel we started well, I feel in the first three minutes, we had two big chances especially the second one is like, huge. So for me, we have a fine start on the game. Then we had some few mistakes, you know, build ups but that’s what it is.

So it’s again a struggle because we don’t use our good period in the game because, we could have had a fantastic start. See the first eight minutes, we had three good opportunities, so minimum we should have had at least a goal.

For the larger parts we were the best team but it doesn’t matter if you are the best between the two boxes, games are won and lost in the boxes. And but for me again, we had a good talk in the in the break. Some small adjustments actually feel that we come out okay again. And then, of course, the red card changed the whole picture from there.

At the end, I feel we lost to a team that provided maybe 2-3 chances that even were not as clear as ours. But what can you say? they had their game plan, and apparently it worked for them. But I feel that we gave them three points. They didn’t have to work hard to take them. So I can only say totally disappointed.

QUESTION – You came to replace Henrik Lehm and he left you in good hands so what would you say is accounting to the team not winning games?

DANI – Yeah, yeah, regarding Henry and me, it was always planned that I should take over down here because he had some other assignments in the Capelli Sport Group, so that was the whole plan from the beginning. Actually, if Corona was not here, I would have been down here like earlier. That’s how it is.

And regarding the second question, I feel that we’re missing quality upfront and that’s how it is, you know? And that shows right now. That’s why we’re at the bottom, we were not good enough.

QUESTION – You had and experience player in the person of Paul Abanga start from the bench, why that?

DANI – Regarding Abanga, he has been injured for two weeks and just had one or two trainings. And we have this week where we have three games. So therefore, it was important not to start with him in and bought our physicals. And the physios and doctors were suggesting that maximum 45 minutes right now regarding his recovery. So that was the reason why we started him from the bench.

QUESTION – You are at the bottom of the league, are you really worried?

DANI – If you are at the bottom of the table, you always have to be worried because you have to take your position seriously. So of course, we are in a situation where we have to start producing some points, otherwise we’re going to just have to struggle more and more. And at the end, it can be a catastrophe.

We have a strategy, and we’re going to follow that. So last week, wr signed Richard Arthur for the attack, and we’re definitely going to bring some more players in because we have to. We have to have more options in our spot on when you bring better players in. That also means that maybe some of the guys that are playing right now and don’t necessarily feel that they have a big competition in the squad will start feeling so. So maybe everybody is going to take a little bit more up about performing better.

QUESTION – What’s your short term plan now?

DANI – Right now, I want us to go up and not be a part of the relegation, you know? But that’s where we are right now. So for me, the first goal is to make some points and move up. And then I feel that this club has the right strategy.

We want to play with young players, want to develop them and help them far in their career. So that’s still the same main goal, you know. But at the same times, you, of course, also want to be in the league and survive there, and that’s the most important thing right now.

But for me, when I look at the game today, I’m so impressed with a guy like Felix Abuska, 16 years old and actually taking most responsibility regarding our offensive style of play.

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