Felix Aboagye – The players made us proud:

Here’s what Felix Aboagye had to say after our 2-0 win over Karela United last Sunday:

QUESTION – Your impression?

Aboagye – It was a great performance from the players, they worked extremely hard and made sure we had the three maximum points which are very vital for our survival – I want to thank the players for this amazing display and hopefully it propels us to face our challenges.

QUESTION – Is the team playing as you want, to get results?

Aboagye – With this great performance you saw, I think we are better off than the first round and hope to get much better as the second round unfolds. It’s just the beginning of the second round and we don’t want to swollen-headed because we are not in a good position.

QUESTION – How good will it be playing the second round in Dawu?

Aboagye – Accra Sports Stadium wasn’t favoring us, we needed to move so we came to Dawu. We play much better and compact football here and the stadium is good for us and hopes to make it a fortress.

QUESTION – Do you think you won’t encounter pressures here like Accra Sports Stadium?

Aboagye – I do not want to put it like it’s the pitch but we are a great team, the players are so fantastic and are adapting to the formation and system we are teaching them.

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