HB Køge sends Kwabena Kyeremateng to YMCA Roskilde on loan:

HB Køge now sends one of the club’s talented players to 2nd Division club Roskilde YMCA. 

Striker Kwabena Kyeremateng will join Roskilde YMCA on a lease that is valid for the rest of the year.

“Kwabena arrived in March, but has suffered injuries. We still chose to extend the contract with him because we think he should have a fair chance to show what he contains as a player.

“It is crucial that he now gets some fights in the legs and in that way answer whether he can manage at this level.”

“He is young, and need more fixed playing time than we can give him right now and here, and therefore it is a good solution for him to go to Roskilde YMCA and continue his development.”

“We wish them all the best, and we look forward to following their development,” says HB Køge director Per Rud.

Kwabena Kyeremateng is yet to make his official debut for HB Køge.

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