HENRIK LEHM – I think they were better than us:

We lost 1-0 to King Faisal on Friday and here is what Henrik Lehm had to say after the match:


You lost the game. What happened?


I think they were better than us. The first 25 minutes in the first half, they played very good football and we were too far away from them. 

But then I think we took over the end of the first half and we also created some chances and also a penalty in my eyes. And then the second half, you know, it was an equal game again, I think they took over. 

We were back a little bit too much. So I’m very disappointed that we didn’t get a point today because it was only five minutes before time. 

And you know, the exit time here, you all saw what happened, you know, there’s nothing called extra time in Ghana because they were just laying down the last, there was no sportsmanship at all in the last five minutes and I think that’s very sad that we can’t just keep playing football.


How would you assess your opponents today?


I think they played very good football. I think you know, as I said, they have another player to like to play football and they played well, but like us, they have problem scoring. 

So we saw two teams today. I know they scored a lot of goals before, but today they also miss some big chances.

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