Inter Allies’ matchday one fixture against Dreams FC on Monday evening ended in a 0-0 draw.

Here is what Henrik Lehm had to say after the match:

Your impression of the game?

“Well, it was another drawing, the Ghana premier league huh? I think the first half was an Eagle game. I think we created a few chances, but in the second half, I was not satisfied at all. You know, I think they created more chances than us and if there should have been a winner, it should have been them.

But again, you know, two minutes before finished, we had a very, very big chance. So, you know, this is football, so I’m happy we get one point today. But I’m definitely not satisfied with the second half.”

Victorien Adebayor and Samuel Armah contributed 18 goals last season. Both of them assisted each other five times 15 games. How much of a big miss would they be in the season judging from when you saw it 90 minutes today?

“I decided I knew that question would come. So now I say it and I only say to the first game, okay. I will miss those players a lot. There were two very, very good players.

And I look forward to looking at Adebayor in my country, Denmark. I know he will do fantastic. So of course, when they make 18 goals out of 22, we will miss him. But here I am with a new squad and I just had to work with a place that is here. So from now on, we don’t want to talk about them anymore.

Of course, we miss him but if we can’t win, the second-best is to have a draw, a 0-0 if we can’t score.”

Coach, you talk about the new team that you’re building, the new players that you have. Today. we’ve seen, you felt some of your new players; Ali Issah the Centre Back- big boy. We also saw Chauncy Freeman. How would you assess the performance of some of the new signings that you’ve brought into the team so far this season?

“If you look at Ali, you know how tall he is, his left foot, he’s only 19 years old. He has so much to learn, but he has a great future If you asked me. Today, a lot of times I was very happy. He had long legs because he was saving us a lot of times, but you also saw it when he gets tired, he started dripping and doing things.

But if you look at a like this in two or three years, it will be a very good player. But if I look up, you know, Freeman and Michael are the two new players up in front, you know, for me, it’s a little bit too easy to push them away today and we don’t keep the ball enough and you can see, they don’t know where they’re running.

They don’t know how to play with each other. So, so we worked a lot on the defence and the midfield and we had a clean sheet, but I know a hundred per cent. And you can say we’ve been practising scoring goals from day one. I started last few weeks. We make so many, many goals, every practice, but we still have a way to go.”

Coach, are we going to see an Inter Allie side this season that is only going to create chances but not going to put them at the back of the net or something is going to change?

“It’s too easy to say after one game on it’s been the same in the practice game. I have to say that. So we have to keep working on it and you know, and the start was so short and I’d only been here three weeks. So, you know, the window’s open soon against also hope we can put in more strikers because we don’t have many strikers in the squad at all.

So I’m sure after the next window and we keep working the way we want to play, I’m sure that we’ll also start scoring goals because football is about goals. You know, it’s like kissing your own sister.”

You go to Karela next, talk us through that. They got a fairly decent draw at Ashantigold. I’m sure you watched that game. How much of a difficult game do you think that’s going to be for your guys?

“Well, if I look at Ghana Premier League, you know, for me, every game is difficult. You can see it’s a draw all the way down almost, you know. So in my country, there are some very good teams and some not so good teams and then some in the middle.

But if I look at Ghana last time I was here also, you know, everybody beats everybody. So it’s, it’s a difficult leak. So there are no easy games. I know that, but I also saw all the other games yesterday. And for me, it was obvious that no one had played for eight months.

You have to have patience. You know, it takes time when I saw the players again from last time I was here, they have forgotten almost everything. When they tossed the ball, the first time it was in the bush, you know, it takes time, but they want to learn.

They’re practicing well so I know we’ll grow as a team.”

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