Inter Allies Fc displayed a good performance today to record a resounding 3:0 victory in the Ghana premier league at the Tema Stadium. The game started with Inter Allies pressing from the onset despite the fine passing game from Bechem United. The composure of the Inter Allies Fc players was strong and a very good effort from Prosper Kasim on the left side of attack saw him send a beautiful cross that came straight to Frederick Agyemang who blasted the ball straight into the net to record the 1st goal in the 19th minutes.

The game continued with Inter Allies controlling the game till the first half came to an end. Inter Allies FC continued with their fighting spirit and just 15 minutes into the 2nd half Prosper Kasim scored the 2nd gaol to send the fans in Tema in a jubilant mood.  Bechem United also started pilling pressure after conceeding the two goals but the relentless effort of central defenders  Baba Mensah and Joseph Aidoo ensured the opponents did not score.

Inter Allies came back in the game and took charge of the midfield. Gokel Ahetor headed home a fine cross to score the third goal for Inter Allies Fc. The victory is the first for Inter Allies in the premier league and the team have decided to make the victory a sign of more victory in the league.

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