Inter Allies mutually ends relationship with Head Coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi.

Effective today, both parties have parted ways mutually.

We appreciate the hard work of Kenichi Yatsuhahsi as Head Coach during the first round of the 2017/18 Zylofon Cash Premier League.

We wish to assure our supporters that, Management shall take all steps necessary to find a suitable Coach for the first team.

One comment on “Inter Allies mutually ends relationship with coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi

  1. Hajia Ba on said:

    Personally, I am one of the few who holds discipline in high esteem.

    I may not know the level of the misconduct and damage caused, But sometimes i feel there are times that *justice should be tempered with mercy*

    There are some of us who’s performances will be splendid but our attitude.

    Chelsea (London) lost the champions league in 2008 after sacking Mourinho due to similar instance.

    Hearts sacked Duncan when it was purported that he showed Gross misconduct. We all saw the resultant effect.

    I sometimes feel we should sometimes look at the performances of such personalities and try temper justices at times.

    I’m not siding with Keneichi tho (as I don’t know the level of misconduct) but I’m only trying to send a few words to our Board (Hearts of Oak). And I’m not telling my club not to punish such behaviours but some of them can be overlooked

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