Danijel Mujkanovic faced the media after we lost to Berekum Chelsea 1-0 last Sunday.

Question: Your fair assessment of the game?

Well as I see it it’s an even game, it’s going back and forth. I think we started really good in the first half – from the first 10, 12 minutes and the home team got a little bit better, starting to push a little bit more and push our team back, making some crosses and we were not ready. They got a free kick and sent long one in, they got better with the second ball and managed to put it in. So for me when I look at the whole game it’s even, I think we put a lot of effort in, it was a big fight out there and nobody wanted to lose today but in the end the home team was effective than we were. For me I see both team keepers having like 2-3 good saves but they managed to put one in our net and they got the three points.

Question: What changed in your team because in the second half they were more purposeful but unfortunately you could not break the back of Chelsea?

Looking at the two games I have been in control of, we put a lot of energy in our games and also told the guys today after the game that, we put a lot of effort in it, we fought, we tried to bring a lot of energy, and we tried to attack and play forward. We are missing a lot of a bit of quality in the last third, we don’t have enough passes when we penetrate their defense, so right now we are struggling to create bigger chances but it will come.

Question: Two games in a row in the Ghana Premier League, what would you say about the quality of players in the League?

I think individually there are a lot of quality players and a lot of talents, im happy when I look at my team because we are playing with an average age of 20.5, so for me you a lot of young talents erunning around and that’s positive and I’m happy to see them.

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