POST MATCH – Felix Aboagye’s thoughts:

Head Coach Felix Aboagye shared his thoughts at the Post Match Conference after we lost narrowly to Legon Cities on Monday evening.

Cephas Doku scored the only goal of the match in the 57th minute to bagged all three points t=for the hosts.

The coach met the press and shared his thoughts:

QUESTION: Your impressions of the game?

Felix Aboagye: I think it was a very bad game for us we didn’t play well as expected of us, we had hopes of winning and climbing the league table unfortunately we conceded in the second half and had to succumb to Legon Cities.

We have to accept this painful defeat; we didn’t expect this to happen and has dampened our team’s spirit.

QUESTION: How bad is this defeat to you?

Felix Aboagye: Looking at the points gap, it’s very bad for us. We are desperately in search of an away win and we had confidence in winning this game. With six matches left to finish the season we have some energy to fight and we will do so, all hopes aren’t lost yet and we will work towards that.

Our next game is against Asante Kotoko – a very tough match but we will get ready and make sure we get the maximum points to keep us in the shape of survival.

QUESTION: What needs to change in your approach to away games?

Felix Aboagye: We need to always play above ourselves because winning away games is always difficult so we need our players to lift our game in such matches and it’s unfortunate our players didn’t do that in this match.

QUESTION: Is your survival on course?

Felix Aboagye: Technically we are a little far behind but we are still in contention to survive and we have not given up yet. We need to play much better than we did in this game (vs Legon Cities).

QUESTION – Going into the next game with a defeat, do you think you will be in the right frame for this big clash?

Felix Aboagye: I think we need to organize ourselves and get better, this is football and we won’t give up and there are six more matches to go. so we will push.

We will do a lot of training this week and strategize to mark them boot-for-boot.

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