Why FC St. Pauli sorely misses Afeez Aremu:

Not right in the middle, not close – and sorely missed more than ever. Afeez Aremu has been out of action for nine weeks. Never during this time has his absence been more obvious than when his FC St. Pauli lost 2-2 to SC Paderborn in Saturday night’s top game at the Millerntor. The Kiezkicker could have really used the aggressiveness of the clearer.

Hardly any professional in the squad of the brown and white is so grippy, snappy and in the best sense of the word tough as Aremu in the game against the ball. In the second half of the game against the SCP, in which St. Pauli lost more and more access in midfield, the hosts only won 43 percent of their duels, and Eric Smith, who was in the sixth position, was visibly reducing, an Aremu would be with his physical game was worth its weight in gold.

FC St. Pauli: Poor duel rate against Paderborn
The brown and white escort service for the Paderborn team, who combined cheerfully and relatively unchallenged up to the St. Pauli penalty area, urgently needed someone to intervene. Sounds like a football table. It’s still correct. At halftime, but no later than the 60th minute, Aremu should have been substituted for the weak Smith.

would have. The subjunctive makes the dilemma clear. Aremu has been out of action since early December with a hamstring injury. The recovery process took a long time. It is to be hoped that Smith will recover quickly and be at least stable in Regensburg on Saturday. It is still unclear when Aremu will be an alternative again. According to coach Timo Schultz, he should now be “gradually returned to team training”.

Afeez Aremu has been out of St. Pauli since December due to an injury
Pleasing: Aremu was on the pitch on Sunday, first worked individually, and then was involved in a pass-oriented form of play without going into tackles. That gives hope.

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