Accra Youth SC ended the first round of the 2016/17 Greater Accra Division 2 Zone 2 League 3rd on the league table, with 12 matches being played.

The young ‘Eleven Is To One, boys played 6 homes matches and 6 away matches where they recorded 7 wins, 3 losses and 4 draws summing 25 points.

6 clean sheets were recorded from the 14 matches played, conceding 12 and scoring 17 in the process with a difference of +5 and failed to score on 5 occasions.

They registered their highest wins against Naa Otuflaa 3-1 and same scoreline against C.F.C F/C both at the La Town Park and suffered 3-1 defeat to Hope for Future FC as their highest defeat.

Accra Youth SC first round results:

  1.  Accra Youth 2-1 R/Stake
  2. YF Juventus FC 1-2 Accra Youth
  3. Accra Youth 0-0 S/C Bravo, Bravo
  4. OTM Foundation 0-0 Accra Youth
  5. Accra Youth 3-1 Naa Otufla
  6. Hope for Future 3-1 Accra Youth
  7. Accra Youth 2-2 Immigration
  8. Nnokwute 0-1 Accra Youth
  9. Accra Youth 3-1 C.F.C F/C
  10. Cantonments 2-0 Accra Youth
  11. Accra Youth 0-0 Liberty Babies
  12. Redeemer Power 0-1 Accra Youth
  13. Accra Youth 0-1 SAS FC
  14. Boca Professionals 0-2 Accra Youth

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