Danijel Mujkanovic reacts to his first game in charge – We defeated Eleven Wonders 1-0 at the Accra Sports Stadium on Sunday.

Mujkanovic met the press after the game for his reactions.

QUESTION – Your thoughts on the game?

DANIJEL MUJKANOVIC: I am happy of course to win my first game. We knew that it will be tough. We met an opponent who is defensively good and unbeaten in 5 out of 6 games. 

So we knew it was going to be tough but I think that throughout the game we were the best team. We had some few big chances where we could have scored. So if there was supposed to be a winner then actually it was fair enough that it was our team. 

I am proud of the guys’ performance today because it was a hard one and to get the 3 points I am very happy about it.

QUESTION – You subbed Paul Abanga for Richard Acquah early in the second half. What informed that decision?

DANIJEL MUJKANOVIC: Abanga has been performing good and he is a little more experienced but he has some small problems with injuries therefore we played with him in the first half and Richard in the second half. 

Richard made a great substitution so I am happy to see that I actually have to good full backs on the right side.

QUESTION – Before this game Allies were 17th on the table and they had not won a lot of games. They had won only one game. You have got their second win and your first as a manager. Is that to tell  the fans that you are going to lift them out of the relegation zone and push for a top 4 or top 2 finish?

DANIJEL MUJKANOVIC: I know if we work hard we are not going to be relegated. That is not my concern at all. 

Throughout the week the guys have been performing really well at training putting in a lot of energy in it and trying to train good. 

I also know they did same when Henrik was here. For me its just to take it to the next step when we have the ball. 

We have been having problems with creating chances but today we had some few chances and I know that if we continue to be working at the level we did this week, we are going to improve constantly.

For me it is like lets take 1 game at a time and get more confidence for each game then I am sure off we will be going up the table. What number are we going to finish at? Lets look at that at the end of the season.

QUESTION – Your next game is against Berekum Chelsea, what is going to be the approach?

DANIJEL MUJKANOVIC: The approach is going to be the same we had today. We are trying to play out of our own playing style with the strength that we have as a team. 

We always look at the opponent of course we look at some small adjustment we can do there. Right now I am trying to put a lot of confidence in the guys about what they are good at. 

So for me it is about building my team up step by step. That is how we are going to do it.

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