Danijel Mujkanovic shares his thoughts after Olympics defeat:

QUESTION – Your impression of the game?

DANI – Right now it is a little hard defeat to adjust; we are disappointed with the first 10 minutes of our game. I feel that we were not ready even though we have been talking and practicing so much about putting energy from the first minute.

We gave a penalty away and it was a struggle from there but I feel like the rest of the first half we were slowly getting better and better and creating more than the opponents but still it’s almost like the same problem when we in and around the box, so we don’t get anything from the chances we create.

And after the first half, I think the first 10-15 minutes of the second half we played well, we came out with the energy we were missing in the early stages of the first half. 

But again we create one or two chances and it’s almost there for us to go for it but we don’t do it and suddenly out of nothing we are making some changes trying to switch from 3-4-3 system and they got a penalty from nowhere and we were pinned.

So sitting back with some frustration because I feel like it’s all about making the goal and we are really working hard on that.

QUESTION – Do you think you have the right players to turn things around because you are struggling to score goals?

DANI – t’s hard to say, because for me this team is young and we are playing up with two strikers who are 19 years old so you can talk about quality, for me the players have quality, are they matured right now? Probably not, are they going to be? I hope so. 

Right now this is squad that I have and I’m happy about it and I’m going to work with these guys as hard as possible to see if we can break that point of making some goals. 

There is a window coming soon and of course if there’s going to be an opportunity to bring some players in that can add something to our squad, and then we look at that.

QUESTION – Did you anticipate it was going to be a tough job when considering taking over at Inter Allies, did you read much about the Club and the league?

DANI – In think every coaching job is a hard one, there are no easy one. 

I knew what I was coming down to do, I was here before on a visit and saw the team practice for some weeks and saw some games as well on the internet, so I knew was waiting for me so I’m not surprised with our situation and we are going to work harder.

QUESTION – Do you think by the end of the season Inter Allies is going to stay afloat in the League and avoid relegation?

DANI – I really hope so and I think that we are going to do it. 

But as I told the players after the game today, I think the next period is one that we are going to struggle – we have to accept that we are where we are and work hard by going at the basic things that we can control or chase with regards to opportunities in a game. 

So right now if you ask me are we going to be relegated? NO! I do not believe in that and that’s how I am, I will always work hard no matter how many games we lose. 

I believe we can win the next one but it’s going to take something extra from us right now but I’m confident with this squad and I think they are working hard.

QUESTION – For how long are we going to see your blueprint on this Inter Allies side?

I think that a lot of things that I put in, I see them coming.

DANI – I see a lot more in practice than I see right now in the games – that’s also the hard part, one thing is when you do something during practice and one thing is you put it in a game.

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