Frank Assinki bids Allies teammates goodbye:

New HB Koge signing Frank Assinki has sent an inspiring good bye message to his Inter Allies team-mates as he indicates his intentions to make the club and players proud.

The centre back who moved to the Danish second tier side on a four-year deal communicated with his colleagues via the players platform on whatsapp.

Assinki, who arrived in Denmark on Saturday to begin his new club adventure thanks his colleagues for their support and promised he will make good the opportunity to further his career.

In his short text, he wrote “Good morning my people, hope you are all fine. Please I will use these opportunity to thank you all for your support in prayers. And I’m going to make you proud too” ????

The 18 years only season at Allies was in the truncated 2019/20 league season where he played 12 of the 14 games in the league with 11 as a starter, winning one MVP award.

Dzidodo Ruben Adjahoe (Twitter: @adjahoe)

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