Eleven Is To One – coach Hebert Addo has praised his players and technical handlers for the great debut season in top flight football and promised them things will be better for them next season.

In the club’s awards night at the Tenko Plaza Hotel on Friday evening the veteran gaffer promised the players of better conditions and treatment next season and expects his reward to be good results from his soldiers.

“I came in to Inter Allies when the team was in crisis, I saw you play against Kotoko by chance and took the team to Hasaacas after just two training sessions with you, we lost though but that’s where i saw the future and strength of this team.”

“From how we rose from the bottom to the top half on the table by the end was just splendid, I cant find words to explain how grateful I am, thank you boys.”

“Better things will happen to you next season and I want good results as my reward.”
The former league winner slated that he is not a loser and loves winning always and he will force that mentality to the boys next season, he continued that he had plans of achieving higher even though he set a belt for the team to beat first. Addo said  positive things indicating the team has not ”seen him yet” and next season will just produce good results.

“I came with a different approach and target when I joined, I came to ensure we remained in the league for next season so I set 41 points for you to achieve, actually I was targeting 47 points. We achieved the  41 points target and that’s good but next season the approach will be different, we won’t settle for 41 points, am a winner so we are aiming for the top next season.’

“I have spoken to management, they have seen their mistakes, I have also seen my little mistakes and I promise you things will be fine and better next season.”

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