Coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi made a sensational return to the Ghana Premier League for a second stint, joining the ‘Eleven Is To One’ after an impressive period in charge of Hearts of Oak.‬‪
The Japanese-American trainer will lead the Capelli Boys in what is expected to be a thrilling and exciting campaign with the Sensei at the helm of affairs.‬‪With barely a week to the start of the 2017/18 season, the coach remains upbeat on a good showing when he opened up to the Club’s media team in a short Questions and Answers session.‬

1. Welcome back to Ghana. This happens to be your time in the country, what influenced your comeback?‬

KY – Ghana football has a lot of talented players. They are skillful, works hard, and team oriented players. I want to work with them because many of them posses these qualities. Also, football fans are very passionate. It is exciting to work in Ghana.‬

2. You had the chance to go to few other Clubs, what shaped your decision in choosing Inter Allies?‬

KY – Inter Allies is a goal oriented club. Ghanaian footballers are talented, but the highest level of football and incomparable financial reward are in Europe. I decided to come to Inter Allies because a lot of these young players are aiming to go to European leagues.‬

3. Kenichi, you have monitored the boys at Allies over the past few months. What do you make of the players?‬

KY – Since I arrived early December 2017, I have worked with them everyday. They are progressing, and I have seen improvements. Of course, there are a lot more we can improve, but we are on the right track.‬

4. What are your short term goals for the Club?‬

KY – Looking at previous season’s results and points from clubs between 5th and 13th place, I think the difference between 5th and 13th clubs is one more win or one less win. I think it is realistic to say any of these teams can reach top four, but also it is realistic that 14th place is right behind. So, we just have to take one game at the time.‬

5. Inter Allies FC have a feeder side – Cedar Stars Academy FC – what do you make of the standard of the players?‬

KY – The feeder side has produced many young talents; we have promoted many players from there this season. I hope many more will be promoted soon.‬

6. What would players from Cedar Stars Academy have to do to be able to make the step up into the first team?‬

KY – Hardwork.‬

7. How did the players welcome you? ‬

KY – They had short time to welcome me. From the get-go, we started working hard on the pitch. I am happy how hard our players are working.‬

8. You have been in Ghana before and with the experience, do you feel that would make your job much easier? ‬

KY – Being second time here means higher expectations. The challenge is bigger and more difficult. I like the harder and more difficult challenge because that pushes me to do better. It is good to work for a club that I can focus on coaching without being worried about off the pitch issues.‬

9. Let’s do a flashback, something we are not happy to talk about though. You faced Inter Allies in the 2015/16 season at the Tema Sports Stadium where your Hearts side came from two goals down to win 3-2, what was the secret behind that game?‬

KY – Hardwork.‬

10. Your teams are known for their “die hard” spirit, is it something that you are going to imbibe into our boys?‬

KY – I don’t. Players’ hard works do.‬

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