Match Summary – Kwaebibirem United 1-0 Inter Allies – Tafo

We registered our first defeat of the season after losing 1-0 away to Kwaebibirem United on Saturday afternoon.

A controversial second-half penalty early after recess helped the hosts to a slim victory at the Akyem Old Tafo Rovers Park.

Coach Mohammed Bashar Ogba made 6 changes to the side that drew with Liberty Professionals in Dawu last week.

Patrick Amarh, Samuel Boakye, Mohammed Rufaai, Solomon Aidoo, Felix Abuska and Malik Abubakar had to start roles.

The first half was a bit difficult for the Eleven Is To One lad who had few minutes to settle in the game.

The hosts took the game straight to us with a lot of possession and opportunities.

Goalkeeper Mohammed Shuaib and his defence thwarted all threats and kept the score at 0-0 at halftime, with Allies getting few chances.

Two minutes after the hosts were awarded a penalty that sparked controversies in the stands, Prince Gamor scored.

Despite going close via Patrick Amarh, Kofi Tompuo and other opportunities, we failed to find the back of the net.

On Thursday afternoon, we will be at the same venue for our FA Cup Preliminary Round clash with Accra Young Wise.

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