Ghana Football Association’s Disciplinary Committee on May 16, 2022, announced its ruling on the said alleged fixed match, demoting Inter Allies Football Club to Division Two. The club exercised its rights per the regulations of the football association and appealed the decision.

Our appeal was based on the fact that the Investigative Committee did not establish that Inter Allies Football Club or its assigned officials played any role to achieve any outcome of the said match.

The prosecution did not establish that Inter Allies Football Club as a club or corporate organization directly or indirectly benefited from the action or inaction of any third party on the said match.

As established by the prosecution in its investigative report in paragraph 11, Emmanuel Nii Amoah Gogo did not speak to any official(s), Management of INTER ALLIES FOOTBALL CLUB, about the approaches of a third party to manipulate the outcome of the match.

Why is Inter Allies Football club being punished severely for something its officials know nothing about?

This substantial evidence adduced by the investigative committee and duly captured in its preliminary report, surprisingly, was not mentioned by the Disciplinary and Appeals Committees in its decision.

As a law-abiding club that is committed to protecting the sanctity of football, we availed ourselves to all channels to help the Ghana Football Association unearth the Truth with all the details from our internal inquiry of 22nd July 2022 but we were rather punished on the basis of conjecture and assumptions.

We would like to touch on three major things.

First, Inter Allies Football Club disagrees with the Disciplinary Committee’s ruling on the case and also disagrees with the reasoning of the Appeals Committee in affirming the decision of the Disciplinary Committee as the grounds for our appeal were not looked at; let alone considered. The Disciplinary and Appeals Committees just used our Club as scapegoats and punished the Club severely without establishing how our Club benefited in the said scandal as provided by law.

Secondly, as a member of the Association, we have decided to live by the ruling, though unjust.

Lastly, we would also like to inform the families of our players that the career paths and development plans for their wards will continue. The club would explore the option of enrolling some of the players who have been banned in specialized skilled schools so as to guard against the loss of their time.

We want to assure our fans and partners that our hands are clean.

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