Technical Director of Inter Allies Willie Klutse has lauded the technical abilities of new trainer Umit Turmus after observing his training sessions with the first team.

The Turk was appointed as Technical Advisor after the departure of Coach Rasid Iddi. He has since taken over training duties and working on improving the results in the GFA NC Special Competition.

After visiting the team’s training grounds, the head of the Club’s Technical department remains confident his new advisor will bring positive results to the Club especially with his background as an expatriate.

“So far, what he has shown indicates he has something to offer. Where he is coming from, their understanding of the game is different from our part of the world.”

“His techniques and the way he goes about his training programs is different from what we know.”

Umit was on the bench for the back to back 2- 0 defeats to Hearts of Oak in the GFA Normalization Special Competition.

Despite the results, Willie Klutse believes he has seen enough to believe that the coach will bring improvements to the team.

“The first matches we saw, the performance, tactics and techniques of the boys have improved. These are clear indications he will bring something new to the Club”.

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