A cooperation agreement established by Capelli Sports Group for the development of football has reached another height with officials from Danish side HB Koge and Capelli Sports converging in Ghana to visit Inter Allies.‬

‪The visit will further strengthen the strong bonds for both Allies and Capelli Sports explorer with relevant know-how, experience, and sharing of the new training model in order to increase the quality of talent development as part of an exchange of experience.‬

‪The delegation made of Per Rud (CEO of HB Koge & DIrector of Capelli Sport Explore Program), Sergio Cecilio (Head Scout, HB Koge – Denmark), Henrik Lehm (Technical Director, Capelli Explorer) and Jason Arnold (Vice President Sporting Business of Capelli Sports) arrived on the shores of the country on Saturday evening.‬

‪“We are here on behalf of Capelli Sport to explore the good Club,” Per Rud who is the leader of the delegation told www.interalliesfc.com ‬

‪“We are watching the Academy and First team practices and games. We are also having meetings with Directors, Coaches, Scouts and Marketing staff to inspire and map out the way we work with football all over the World within the Capelli Sport Group of Clubs and academies, “ he added.‬

‪the delegation will share knowledge and their experience in the following areas: Administration, Merchandising, Sponsorship and Marketing, travel planning, stadium logistics, ticket sales, Sponsorship , players database etc.

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