We are ready – Head Coach Tonny Lokko:

Inter Allies Head Coach Tony Lokko has disclosed his team is ready for the start of the 2019/20 Ghana Premier League after months of preparations despite the inactivity on the local scene.

The Capelli Boys have been most engaged in series of friendly games and camping activities to keep the team active.

Coach Lokko reckons that due to their training regime, the team will be able to adjust to the league commencement though the announcement came in late quite close to the kick off date.

‪”For sometime now we have gone through some training regimes and we believe we have also done enough and we are prepared for the league‬.”

‪”Technically the time was very short but we have been able to manage it. Since the date was scheduled for the league we have been able to adjust to it and done our best to put the team to shape.‬”

He also indicated he has seen some improvements from his side tactically and they will keep working to be up for their opening fixture.

“‪The performance has been improving match after match. We are seeing our tactical play and wherever we are lacking, we are working on them as well. We are still doing some brush ups to make sure we get to where we want to get to.‬”

Inter Allies have also been engaged in player recruitments recently to beef up the current team and the Coach is confident a  blend of the youngsters on the team and their more experienced colleagues will provide a formidable side that will work as a unit.

‪”It’s a blend of young and old players which we are moulding to make sure we have a formidable team. We play as a team and not about the youth or the strength of the matured players. We want a team and this is what we are building and this is what will be done.‬”

The coach expressed hope his team for the season will be able to play an attractive brand of football that will produce expected results.

‪”They must expect good football. As much as we play good football they will need the results which we believe we shall give them also.We are asking them(fans) to come and cheer us up as a team and we must be able to deliver to make them happy‬.”

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