Coach Danijel Mujkanovic shared his thoughts on Medeama defeat – We are working as hard as possible as we can right now and hopefully we are going to turn it around.

QUESTION: Your impression of the game:

DANI – I feel it is hard one to lose, I feel like for the first half hour we had the best chances, they had the ball a little more than we had but we created a two or three big opportunities that as minimum we should at least put one in.

They had one big chance from a corner before half time. The second half was a bit up and down and suddenly the scored on a second ball after a free kick and the second goal we gave the ball so for me it is disappointing that we don’t be in a position like not to lose concentration because lack of concentration gave two easy goals away

We actually fought back and scored one but from there we don’t really push the pressure so we had to make some substations and had no energy so in the end, we lose.

QUESTION – You are bottom of the league table, is there any pressure on you?

DANI – There is always a pressure that comes with losing a game but we are working as hard as possible as we can right now and hopefully we are going to turn it around.

QUESTIONWhat do you think is the problem that accounted for the drop into relegation zone?

DANI – Right now, many of our players are young, if you look at the four games I have been in charge we have been had the opportunity to play with the same starting eleven at all, we’ve been some injuries and suspensions, today we had to change 3 out of 4 of the back and the goalkeeper and we had to it.

So for me, I think we have to get a little bit more stable where we can play some of the same players that are supposed to be the structure of the team and maybe we can change sometimes change some few players. But now, we have been unstable for one or two reasons and cannot build the structure that we want.

QUESTION – Could you also say you have problem in attack?

DANI – It is no secret that when you look at the table we have only made 4 goals so of course we have an issue regarding the quality on the final third, I have been saying it since I came down here. But we are working on it I feel that through this week we have been improving at training at that part of the game.

I think we showed especially in the first half, some good buildups, we come through we have the quality on the last part but missing the last run that will give the finish, but what can you do? Go out and practice, repeat the same drills and hopefully you break the point of making the goals.

Today we made one maybe the next game we make two – I hope so, I can only be optimistic, go out and work with them and hope we are going to get better and then the window is coming let’s see. We signed an attacker last week maybe we sign one or two more then we get more quality and few more player to choose between – and that’s going make harder competition and hopefully everyone is going to grow.

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