Henrik Peters Lehm reacts to Saturday’s game:


Everybody could see, we gave the first goal, you know, it was a gift, very, very stupid mistakes. So after that, of course, as a coach, when you haven’t scored much and think, Oh, can we score today?. 

But then we actually did a very, very beautiful goal play up, down, up, down, up, down. So at 1-1, we were still trying to go to win, but then again, we didn’t defend well at a corner. 

So for me, we should have had at least one point, but we didn’t follow the plan. And some of the older players didn’t play well, then it’s difficult to win.


Would you say that your players are lacking that mental toughness, because like you mentioned, both goals were clearly goals that came out of lack of concentration?


Well, if, if you look at it, you know, we’ve been defending in first 4 matches we have been defending fantastic. So that’s why it shocks me today that a lot of people in the fallback line didn’t play well today. 

So if you ask me really, you know, I’m sure the Goalkeeper can tell that at halftime, I was so. I miss some winners. You know, also in the end when we were behind 2-1 we just played very slow in the back. 

It’s like, they don’t really want to win, you know. So we have to talk about this on Monday, how I can create more winners. So it’s not like they didn’t run, but when a young team meet problems, it’s like everybody just concentrate about themselves. 

I miss some of the older players today who say, ‘come on, guys, let’s work together as a team’. I really miss that. But it’s difficult for the older players today because they were actually the one playing the worse, the way I see it.


Would you say you are still struggling to put a team together?


Yes, 100%. As I’ve said all the time, we are struggling. I wish, I had the two offensive players from their team today. We will have one, you know, so we’re really struggling to put the team together.

 It’s difficult to sell seven players out of a starting eleven and then put a whole new team together more or less. So, yeah, we are still struggling. We haven’t really found what we want to.

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