Rashid Seidu – We’re working hard and soon we will see changes:

Post-match quotes from our goalkeeper Rashid Seidu after Allies-Bechem match ?

QUESTION – Rashid you are budding goalkeeper lots of people have spoken about you. In five games you’ve conceded four goals, are you thinking about that already?


Yeah, definitely. I would think about it, but I think goalkeeping is not all about conceding sometimes with which team you are playing, you need to concentrate on what you can give the team. 

And I think those are the few things that I have done when the season started which people have seen so I just have to concentrate and do what I know best.

QUESTION – You were seen yelling at your defenders at a point in time, is it that you are not getting that cohesion with them?


No. Sometimes I think the flow of the game will create a certain demeanour and I think we needed that. 

We needed that character to wake them up, to let them know the task ahead. So it was something to just bring the team spirit up.


Talking about the task ahead, you have not played the so-called big guns apart from Hearts of Oak. Do you think yourself and your players will be ready for the task ahead?


Oh yeah, for sure. I think every game has its own thing. So this is what has come. The games that are coming, maybe what we expect wouldn’t be so, and that time will be more ready playing five games definitely mentally we will be strong so getting to those games we will be ready for those games.


Not too good of a result is the premier league pressure mounting on you guys, I mean, the playing body.


Not really, not really, but I think sometimes you need a bit of luck to win games. So I think we are working a lot and I think as time goes on, we will see a change very soon.

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